Economic Value in 2017

RATCH’s economic performance in 2017 contributed positive impacts on the Company and stakeholders and constantly supported the supply chain.

Renewable Power Development

RATCH aims to grow the number of renewable power plants in line with increasing demand for environmental-friendly energy. While renewable energy offers economic growth opportunity to RATCH, it also contributes environmental and social benefits.

As guided by corporate strategies, RATCH targets to grow renewable power to 20% of 10,000-MW combined installed capacity in 2023, against the 10% target in 2017.

Equity Capacity of Renewables

Operating Results in 2017

  • Renewable installed capacity reached 676.50 MW or 9.2% of total installed capacity in 2017. The ratio was below target because the projects invested in 2017 were high-capacity fossil fuel power plants, pressuring down the proportion of renewable power. However, RATCH is determined to focus more investment in renewable power in the next year.

Supplier Management Process

Power generation is RATCH’s core business, of which the supply chain can be described using the diagram below:

Remark :

  • * CAH-Contracted Availability Hours
  • * PPA-Power Purchase Agreement
  • * O&M-operation and maintenance

Ways to Respond Customers’ Expectation and Satisfaction

EGAT is RATCH’s major customer and purchases electricity from RATCH’s group of power plants with a combined capacity of 5,560.95 MW or 89.4% of RATCH’s total generating capacity of 6,219.39 MW under long-term PPAs lasting 20-25 years as agreed.