Power generation use consumes massive resources, especially fuel and water, which are the key production factors. RATCH’s power plants adheres to the concept of Balanced Energy in power generation with efforts to maintain high production efficiency while minimizing resource usage and impacts on the environment, while customers, the economy and society satisfy their demand for electricity.

In addition to strict regulatory compliance, power plants paid much attention to the management of natural resources and the environment by reducing the quantities of raw materials used in the processes such as raw water and fuel. At the same time, efforts have been made to reduce the quantity of waste released to the environment such as air emission, water discharge, waste and noise. The objectives to reduce and prevent impacts on the quality of the environment, avoid conflicts with communities in resource usage, minimize greenhouse gas (GHG) emission leading to climate change and maintain the quality of life of communities around the power plants. For ultimate growth and sustainability, RATCH took its efforts seriously and continually to achieve communities’ and public confidence and acceptance.

Managing Resources and the Environment