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SET Award 2003 Best Corporate Governance Report

SET Award 2003 Best Corporate Governance Report The Company received the SET Award 2003 in category of Best Corporate Governance Report. This award was given to listed companies with outstanding performance for complete compliance with 15 issues of good corporate governance as prescribed by the SET based on the consideration of the Annual Registration Statements (Form 56-1), the Annual Report (Form 56-2), notice of a meeting and minutes of the shareholders’ meeting. The award was given by Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra on July 21, 2003. July 21, 2003

Disclosure Report Award 2003

The Company received the Disclosure Report Award 2003 for listed companies with an excellent information disclosure system from the SEC for second consecutive year based on the consideration of the Company’s disclosure in its 2002 Annual Registration Statements (Form 56-1) which provided clear and sufficient information to investors and enabled them to assess important risks by reviewing 5 principal topics namely: 1. Executive Summary 2.Nature of Business 3.Risk Factors 4.Transactions with Related Companies 5.Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) In addition, the Company also disclosed other relevant information in compliance with SEC’s Criteria which included the 2002 financial statements that were prepared in accordance with accounting standards wherein an auditor did not express disclaimed opinions due to scope limitation by executives. Therefore, this award properly demonstrated the Company’s commitment in developing its good corporate governance principle to achieve extensive acceptance and reliability both domestically and internationally. November 19, 2003

"Top Quartile Companies" Corporate Governance For 2003

The Company was rated at "Top Quartile Companies" on its good corporate governance for the year 2003 under Baselining Corporate Governance Practices of Thai Listed Companies. The Company received this awards for third consecutive year. Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) organized this Project with the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Company Limited (RG) was awarded ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management from Det Norske Veritas (Thailand) Company Limited on July 31, 2003. ISO 14001 is the standard that was well accepted by industrial and environmental sectors domestically and internationally as it is an efficient tool that can measure the attention of power plants’ staff, conciseness of the operation, compliance with the measures of environmental impact management and control by the power plants.


The Company was rated at the level of “Very Outstanding” by TRIS Rating at total score 8.02 from 10 which reflected its commitment on Good Corporate Governance.