To be a leading value-oriented integrated energy company in Asia-Pacific

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RATCH presently classifies its investment targets into 4 categories as following below:

IPPs and SPPs in Thailand.

Aside from focusing on enterprise value creation, RATCH also fully participates in securing the national power grid stability by concerning that it is a crucial infrastructure for economic and social development of the country. Therefore, the Company mostly interests in fossil fuel power projects due to its reliability and availability enabling to timely and consistently serve power demand at all circumstances. To minimize fuel risk, RATCH also considers diversification of power plants fired with different fuel such as natural gas, coal and fuel oil. This helps strengthen our business growth and stabilize Thailand's electricity system. In its portfolio of IPPs and SPPs in Thailand as of May 2022, RATCH has 4,505.25 megawatts capacity generated commercially and 841.07 megawatts under development and construction

Renewable Projects in Thailand

In respond to the government's policy on renewable energy promotion, coupled with its social responsibility commitment to taking part of mitigating climate change issue for relieving the global warming impacts, RATCH places more emphasis on renewable investments, especially for solar power, wind power, and biomass. As of May 2022, RATCH has equity capacity of 94.56 megawatts renewable power generation supplied into the national grid.

International Projects

With an aim to be a leading integrated energy company in Asia-Pacific, RATCH thus puts more attention to overseas investment expansion. Its focus widely covers primary fuel power plants, renewable project as well as businesses related to electricity generation and energy. The company has already established operations in Lao PDR, Australia, Indonesia and Vietnam. It strives for more businesses in neighbouring countries (Myanmar, Cambodia), others in ASEAN and Asia Pacific region. As of May 2022, RATCH has invested in overseas IPPs and SPPs, renewable projects as well as investment in EDL- Generation Public Company in Lao PDR with combined 3,778.21 megawatts capacity.

Related Business

Under its business strategy, RATCH pays more attention to integrated businesses expecting to strengthen its cash flows and incomes. It is interested in upstream to downstream businesses along the line of power generation including fuel sourcing, transmission and power distribution. To date, RATCH has entered in power plant operation and maintenance business to serve its joint power plants-Ratchaburi-Power Power Plant, Nam Ngum 2 Hydroelectric Power station and Hongsa Thermal Power Plant; lignite mining business especially supplying to Hongsa Thermal Power Plant; biomass materials sourcing (rubberwood slab and root) for biomass power plant; investment in the wood pellet project in Lao PDR; Aviation fuel service, gas turbine refurbishment business, and healthcare business. In addition, RATCH has invested in a joint venture to operate the monorail project: Pink and yellow lines, Operation and Maintenance of Bang Pa-in - Nakhon Ratchasina and Bang Yai - Kanchanaburi intercity motorway projects, the underground optic fiber network project Sandin water supply project in Lao PDR, as well as telecommunication network installation and development project and related business to serve Internet of Things, Smart city and smart grid project as well as New S curve businesses including energy innovation, future energy and energy start-ups.