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The Company appointed the Office Building’s Environmental Management Committee to efficiently and effectively operate office building’s environmental management according to the controlled building act, environmental, safety, occupational health and working environment laws, other relevant laws and regulations as well as the Company's Social and Environmental Policy of the Company, with details as follows:

The Office Building’s Environmental Management Committee comprises:
Vice President and Head of Office Management Division was appointed as Chairperson. The members of the Committee include a representative of Business Development Discipline, a representative of Asset Management Discipline, a representative of Finance Discipline, Senior Vice President and Head of Corporate Relations Division, Manager- Sustainability Development Department, Senior Manager- Facility Management Department and Sustainability Development Officer.
The Office Building’s Environmental Management Committee shall perform duties and have responsibilities as follows:
  1. To implement, supervise and monitor the performance on office building’s environmental management according to the Company’s Office Building's Environmental Management Policy, and relevant laws and regulations.
  2. To evaluate the environmental problems on water, air, light, noise and waste, the impacts on the use of resources and energy as well as activities in office building in order to prepare appropriate environmental management plan and measures to be submitted to the top executives for using as a guideline to minimize the environmental impact as well as to perform according to the established plan to meet the Company’s objectives.
  3. To work in collaboration with the Energy Management Committee in order to control the use of office resources and energy in an efficient and economical way.
  4. To provide the training courses and the public relations programs as well as communicating with employees and other relevant parties in order to increase the awareness to reduce environmental impacts from activities in office building, and instilling organization-wide environmental, occupational health and safety awareness to all employees for pleasant working environment, as well as to raise public awareness towards the issue.
  5. To provide channels for hearing employees’ opinions, suggestions and complaints in order to promote employee participation in office building’s environmental management. Also, information and feedback can be used for continuous improvement of the office building’s environmental management.
  6. To provide recommendations about stipulation and revision of the Office Building’s Environmental Management Policy as well as relevant measures and plan to the top executives for their consideration annually.
  7. To prepare the office building’s environmental management report and submit it to the tip executives, as well as annually disclose information to the Company's stakeholders.
  8. To perform other duties as designated.