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This website is serviced by RATCH Group Public Company Limited (the “Company”). The Company’s website operates Cookies and other alike technologies that enables to access your internet-connected browser and devices e.g., computer, smartphone or tablet in order to remember your pattern and preferences during web visiting session. For this reason, by continuing session in our website, it regards that you are consent the Company to install Cookies on your web browser or devices.

What are Cookies

Cookies are small blocks of data installed in the Company’s website. It will be placed on your computer or portable devices by your web browser when visiting our website. It will help our website “remember” your browsing activity and then be set as your preferences for your next browsing. Most internet browsers generally support Cookies, however, the user is able to set your browser not to accept either type of Cookies. The user can also delete Cookies at any time.

Enabling Cookies in this website means the Company automatically collect and store the following user’s data during web visiting session;

1) the internet domain and IP address location where you access the website,

2) the type of browser software, configuration and operating system used to access the website,

3) the date and time you access the website,

4) address of other website domain linking you to the Company’s website, and

5) the web pages you visited until log out the website, as well as content viewed and duration of the visit.

Use of Cookies

The web user can choose following Cookies upon the Company’s objectives in collecting information;

1) Strictly Necessary Cookies: These Cookies are essential for the web normal and secured operation enabling the user to access the website such as log-in, authentication. The user should not be allowed to disable the necessary Cookies through our website operational systems.

2) Analytic Cookies: These Cookies allow us to store data about the activity of the user on our website with an aim to enable the Company to measurement, evaluation, improvement as well as development of the website content and functioning. It will help us enhancing the user’s better experience for next visiting. In case of refusal for using the analytic Cookies, the company is consequently unable to measure, evaluate and develop our website according to the user’s expectation.

Please be noted that Cookies on the Company website are managed by the third-party website service provider including website analytics management. The user should learn more about the Company’s Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy to understand the ways that the third party may utilize the user’s data and the Company’s protection enforcement.

How to disable Cookies

The user can disable or delete Cookies by setting privacy in your browser to discontinue data collection (learn more about Cookies at website: www.AboutCookies.org). Generally, most web browsers accept Cookies by default. If the user denies use of Cookies, deletion of Cookies should be made by the user when logged out. Nevertheless, you are allowed to access the Company’s website despite deny use of Cookies, but non-smooth operation of certain functions may be faced. Access to the website without deleting or disabling Cookies is regarded that the user agrees the Company to store data of Cookies on your computer or devices used in logging-in our website.

How to manage Cookies in the web browsers

Most browsers allow the user to manage his/her own settings and use of Cookies during web visiting session, and to erase Cookies and web browsing data. Additionally, web browsers may have settings that allow the user to manage Cookies separately for each website. The user may manage the settings of the web browsers as following links;