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On the upcoming New Year's occasion, the company would like to announce the no gift practice to all employees adherence to the international standards of good governance and transparency in business operation and to align with the company’s Anti-Fraud Corruption Policy:

  1. The company requests executives, employees and workers of the company, subsidiaries and affiliated companies to inform the no gift practice to all relevant stakeholders and encourage them to comply with the afore mentioned practice.
  2. The company requests executives, employees and workers' cooperation not to receive gifts or complimentary from the other organizations or external persons in the 2021 New Year.
  3. If there is any inconvenience for the gift or complementary return, please comply with the following instructions:
    1. Fill in the gift receipt form, by specifying required details such as type of received gifts and the owner's name or organization.
    2. Submit the gift or complementary as well as the gift receiving form to the office management division responsible for making the inventory and proceeding relevant management.
  4. The Company will consider donation of gifts received to charitable entities or provide other appropriate management.