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The Order of Board of Directors,
RATCH Group Public Company Limited
No. 1/2022
On Human Rights Policy

Commitment to the Human Rights Policy

RATCH Group Public Company Limited is aware that respect to human rights is an essential requirement of its business operations. The Human Rights Policy is promulgated to demonstrate our commitment to uphold, support and promote the respect and protection of the basic rights and dignity of all individuals involved, in consistent with domestic legislation, international human rights principles and business best practices as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs), the Principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and the Core Conventions of the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

Scope of Policy

RATCH shall apply the Human Rights Policy for human rights management framework and guiding the Company and its controlled entities in Thailand and overseas in conducting business and all activities involving employees, labour, supply chain and society.

RATCH, furthermore, shall encourage the joint ventures, business partners, suppliers and relevant parties in supply chain of the Company and its controlled entities in Thailand and overseas to perform operation based on the respect to human rights by applying or adapting to the Human Rights Policy.


Human Rights are the rights inherent to all human beings, regardless of race, colour, gender, language, religion, education, tradition, culture, social status, property, residential territory status, political opinion or any other legal status or binding commitment. All individuals, without any discrimination, are entitled to equality, freedom and the rights to protection against slavery and torture. All have the rights to freedom of opinion and expression as well as right to work with ensuring fair and adequate renumeration for a satisfactory standard of living.

Provision in the Human Rights Policy

RATCH’s Board of directors, executives and employees ensure the respect to human dignity, equitable and fair treatment of all shareholders, equal opportunity for all without discrimination regardless of race, colour, gender, gender identity, age, religion, language, belief, social status, family of origin, disability, political opinion, as well as relevant legal and human rights principles. RATCH shall conduct its business with care and diligence to ensure that business conduct does not violate human rights at work as guided by provisions of the Human Rights Policy as follows;

  1. The Company commits to zero tolerance of child labour by clearly specifying age criteria and conditions of employment fully complied with local labour laws in any country.
  2. The Company shall promote fair employment, fair and transparent treatment of all employees, workers as well as migrant workers in all operations. The employment specifies mutual agreed terms and conditions, wages and welfares, working hours, work overtime, working on weekend, leave and holidays, other fringe benefits no less than legal requirements. It also ensures maternity protection for pregnant employees and workers, right to maternity leave including a period after childbirth, maternity pay and/ or compensation with no less than legislative regulation, as well as protection of right to return to the same job after maternity leave.
  3. The Company applies zero tolerance of all forms of forced labor by giving assignments to employees and workers based on their consents and individual capabilities. The Company does not tolerate forced labor, prisoners’ contribution, slavery and other forms of forced labor exploiting for any advantages of its owned operation, supply chain of the Company and its controlled entities.
  4. The Company allows employees and workers to voluntarily join or not to join activities. They also enjoy freedom of expression as long as it does not violate any laws or moral rules.
  5. The Company promotes the safety and occupational health of individuals and assets of the Company, employees, workers, and stakeholders related to the Company and its controlled entities, as well as supply chain. It ensures safe work environment and preventive safety measures and safety risk monitoring systems in line with related safety and occupational health legislation, relevant accepted universal standard and the Company’s rules.
  6. The Company fights against torture and threat by prohibiting any acts of human trafficking, extortion, harassment or any other force, bullying or humiliating against dissimilarity of others, physical and verbal sexual harassment and sexual assault or cause of physical and mental embarrassment, that violate human dignity.
  7. The Company respects the rights of indigenous/ethnic peoples at all operating areas. The Company accepts, protect and preserves the traditions, wisdom heritage, culture and original rights of indigenous peoples, as well as their cultural heritage.
  8. The Company will develop human rights due diligence procedures and system within the organization and in controlled entities and supply. The risks will be identified, analyzed possible impacts, and defined preventive and mitigation measures. The procedures of remediation and rehabilitation will also be designed in appropriate, legitimate and generally accepted manner. The Company will put in place the regular monitoring on human rights violations, the compliance with the Human Rights Policy, and consistent reporting and disclosure on human rights.
  9. The Company will establish a channel to receive complaints or comments from all stakeholder groups, concerning activities of the Company, its controlled entities and supply chain through website: www.ratch.co.th. Such complaints or comments shall be reported to direct supervisors, the Whistle blower Channel if they concern the anti-fraud and corruption policy, or Human Resources Division. The Company assures fairness and protection for complainants or persons who report the Company’s related human rights violation in accordance with complainant protection measures as specified in the Company’s Code of Conduct.
  10. The Company will embed and establish the corporate culture that incorporates respect for human rights by monitoring, not to neglect the respect, or not to ignore any acts that may violate human rights. The Company consistently will communicate, publishes, educates and promotes the understanding on human rights for the Board of Directors, executives, employees of the Company and its controlled entities and supply chain.
  11. 1The Company will conduct annual review of the Human Rights Policy, or when critical event occurred, to ensure that the policy is up-to-date aligned with applicable laws, international principles, and/ or business circumstances.
  12. Violating human rights is considered a breach of the Company’s Code of Conduct and the violators are subjected to disciplinary actions or criminal prosecution if the misconduct violates the laws.

In enforcing the policy, should any clause contradict the legislation, rules and regulations in applicable areas, it shall be superseded by the legislation, rules and regulations.

For the acknowledgement and compliance of all.
Announcement Date: 30 June 2022
Chairman of the Board of Director
RATCH Group Public Company Limited