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RATCH Group Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries (“Company”) realize the potential measures of the protection of personal data. Pursuant to this personal data protection policy, it hereby explains on how the Company treats the process of data collection, preservation, use and disclosure of personal data, and related individual’s rights. Therefore, the Company would like to announce this policy as followings:

1. Personal Data

“Personal Data” means any information relating to a person which enables the identification of such person (“Data Subject”), whether direct or indirect.

2. Collection of Personal Data

Personal data collected and stored by the Company shall be handled with the purpose, scope, and lawful and fair means as deemed necessary to be used within the scope of the Company’s objectives. The Company needs to obtain the consent of Data Subject, by way of electronic or other methods as set forth by the Company, to acknowledge the collection of personal data except for it is required to collect because of law, or for Data Subject’s benefit and consent cannot carry out at such time, or to prevent the danger to life, body or health, or for benefit of public interest or to comply with the contractual obligations.

3. Purpose of Collection, Storage and Use Personal Data

The Company shall collect, store, use of Data Subject’s personal data for the purpose of a day to day business operation, contract execution, financial transactions, business activities which might need to develop a database and use of personal data in order to improve its overall functions including other purposes not prohibited by law and/or to complying with applicable laws or regulations related to Company’s business. Besides, the Company shall preserve and use the personal data within time period as it is necessary for informed purposes or as prescribed by laws. The Company shall inform the Data Subject as soon as practicable when there is any change to the purposes previously announced to Data Subject.

4. Rights of Data Subject

Data Subject may request to access and collect its personal data in accordance with the instructions and methods set forth by the Company via the written request or electronic form, including request to disclose on its receipt of personal data as permitted by laws and request to rectify or change its personal data or withdraw its consent or destroy such personal data. However, the Company may deny to action due to it must be kept to comply with the applicable laws for restoration of such personal data.

5. Disclosure of Personal Data

The Company shall disclose personal data only when its obtaining the consent of Data Subject and/or under the aforementioned purposes or other purposes as permitted by laws. In case of the Company disclose the personal data to other persons and any service providers who involve with such personal data, the Company shall ensure to treat personal data confidential. Furthermore, the Company shall monitor those persons not to disclose such personal data for any purposes other than the purposes as specified herein, except its receiving the consent of Data Subject or permitted by laws.

6. Security Measures

The Company recognize the importance of the security of personal data and set up sufficient security measures in accordance with the Personal Data Protection law. This includes the guidelines in limiting the access to personal data from the staffs, employees, representatives who are not authorized to have the duty to control and monitor such personal data in order to preventing unauthorized use , disclose, access or destroy them without authority or unlawfully.

7. Data Protection Officer

In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562, the Company appoints a data protection officer (DPO) to supervise the operation related to the collection, use and disclosure of the personal data and the Company imposes the policy on personal data protection on all related parties to regulate their duties to conform with this personal data protection policy.

8. Contract Information

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