To be a leading value-oriented integrated energy company in Asia-Pacific

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In pursuance to the principles of Good Corporate Governance recommended by the Stock Exchange of Thailand to listed companies to comply with or to adapt to best fit the situation of each company, the Board of Directors stipulated the Company’s shareholders policy as follows:

  1. Shareholders shall receive the basic rights and treated on a fair and equal basis.
  2. Shareholders shall obtain accurate, adequate and timely information on the Company in order to follow up its operations.
  3. The Company shall encourage its shareholders to attend and vote in the shareholders’ meetings to fully exercise their rights in delivering opinions and suggestions in participating in decision making on crucial issues, and in inspecting the operations of the Board of Directors and Management.
  4. The Company shall provide preventive measures in exploiting insider information for individual interests in order to protect the shareholders’ interests.
  5. The Company shall not do any actions that violate or deprive the shareholders’ rights.