To be a leading value-oriented integrated energy company in Asia-Pacific

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RATCH Group Public Company Limited sets forth the corporate tax policy, to ensure that the Company Group's operations comply with international standards, adhere to transparent and fair business practices, as well as uphold responsibility towards society and all stakeholders in accordance with good corporate governance and business ethics. The tax policy is outlined accordingly to sustainability guidelines which are aimed at achieving the balance of economic, social and environmental development.

  1. Tax planning and guidelines
    1. Arrange tax management and planning as well as payment as stipulated by tax law, to maintain the Company Group’s reputation and image; and ensures aligned tax practices across the Group for appropriate tax benefits, compliance with applicable laws in the countries where the Group operates and invests, and maximum added value for shareholders.
    2. File tax remittance and returns within prescribed due date
    3. Arrange appropriate planning, study and analysis on possible tax impacts on the Company Group's investment projects, ensuring compatibility with investment structures and policy as well as available tax benefits.
    4. Transactions within the group are subjected to the arm's length principle, with the price charged in a comparable transaction between two unrelated parties.
  2. Tax coordination
    1. Appoint tax responsible persons to coordinate and contact with government tax authorities. With knowledge and tax skills, they must provide accurate tax information
    2. Educate and provide consultation to other departments and employees on tax issues for their full compliance with tax-related laws
    3. Circulate tax policy among stakeholders.
  3. Tax consultant
    1. Appoint specialized tax consultants to ensure transparency and accuracy in accordance with the legal guidelines.