To be a leading value-oriented integrated energy company in Asia-Pacific

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The Group sets practice guideline at the international standard to promote transparent and effective management and operations that lead to reinforcement of trust among shareholders, investors and all stakeholders; and to pursue the principles of Good Corporate Governance recommended by the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

The Corporate Governance Policy was stipulated by the Board as follows:

  1. To ensure that all operational and managerial activities are in compliance with the Good Corporate Governance principles where conflict of interest is carefully eliminated with integrity, good reason, independence from all influences and within ethical framework.
  2. To arrange for effective and company-wide financial and operational control, internal audit and risk management.
  3. To promote and supervise to ensure accurate, timely and transparent disclosure of information and crucial information of the Company.
  4. To promote equal and fair treatment of all shareholders according to public company limited management principles.
  5. To promote and supervise to ensure proper treatment and protection of rights of stakeholders including customers, employees, business partners, shareholders, investors, creditors, competitors, independence auditors, governmental organizations and communities.