To be a leading value-oriented integrated energy company in Asia-Pacific

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The Company's Group sets practice guideline at the international standard to promote transparent and effective management and operations that lead to reinforcement of trust among shareholders, investors and all stakeholders; and to pursue the principles of Good Corporate Governance of listed companies.

The Corporate Governance Policy was stipulated by the Board as follows:

  1. Be conscious in the Board of Directors’ responsibility as the leader in creating sustainable enterprise values, through the defining of vision, missions and business goals for the 3 main pillars of sustainability - economic, social and environmental.
  2. Adhere to good governance practices, the anti-corruption policy, and compliance to relevant laws, rules and regulations.
  3. Build up an effective board of directors with concerns in the structure, component, qualification, and the selection and nomination process.
  4. Ensure an effective and merit-based process in the selection and development of high-level executives and human resource management, for the benefits of the organization, the country and global society.
  5. Promote innovations, responsible business operations, and lawful treatment/protection for all stakeholders.
  6. Establish an efficient and thorough risk management system, anti-corruption practices and the internal control system that covers finance, operation, supervision, execution and proper inspection.
  7. Maintain financial credit worthiness and ensure accurate, sufficient, transparent and timely information disclosure.
  8. Support and promote equitable engagement, treatment and communications with stakeholders.