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RATCH adheres to ethic, morality, integrity, good governance principles and code of conduct implementation in doing business. Regarded as a business norm, best practices concerning stakeholders throughout the company’s value chain are covered in order to be a key driver towards sustainable business growth.

RATCH's code of conduct was compiled from the best practices for business operation. In accordance with the company’s rules and regulations, the management and all employees including related parties simplify to study and commit to comply with this code of conduct. Moreover the Board of Directors and management have regularly reviewed the corporate code of conducts to ensure that the business operation’s principles will embrace with current situation and the context of economy, society and environment.


Download RATCH’s Code of Conduct


Individual required to follow the Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct principles and guidelines

The principles of operating and stakeholders treatment are as follows:

Communications of the Code of Conduct

RATCH imposes a process to raise employee awareness and understanding in the compliance through several means such as orientation for the new- hired, a Code of Conduct acknowledgement form to be signed by employees, and the publishing of the Code of Conduct on the Company’s Intranet and website.

Monitoring of compliance with Code of Conduct

Relevant business units must supervise and monitor compliance with the Code of Conduct, to ensure full understanding and compliance among operators and zero violation.