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Ratchaburi Holding Announces Electricity Production Using Natural Gas Byproduct From An Oil Rig Supporting the Thai government’s Energy Conservation And Efficient Energy Use Policies

Sukhothai: Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding PCL (RATCH) launched the electricity production project using natural gas byproducts from the Sao Tian-A oil rig. Mr Arak Chonlatanon, Minister of Energy presided over the project launch ceremony. The new initiative supports the Ministry of Energy’s mission to promote the use of natural gas byproducts from oil refineries for electricity generation to help stabilize and strengthen local and community power systems.

According to Mr. Noppol Milinthanggoon, Chief Executive Officer, Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding PCL., “We have run two similar projects including the Pradu Tao power plant that started operation in 1997 using natural gas byproducts from the oil refinery in the Pratu Tao field and the Sao Tian-A initiative that is fired with natural gas byproducts from the Sao Tian-A oil rig. The two projects have a combined production capacity of 6.3 megawatts and can meet the power demands

of 7,000 upcountry households while reducing the natural gas flare by 1.4 million cubic feet daily and bunker oil imports by 10.5 million liters annually.”

“The successful establishment of the Sao Tian-A project was attributable to the great support and collaboration we received from the Department of Mineral Fuels and PPT Exploration and Production PCL (PTTEP). The project will help Thailand reduce bunker oil imports for electricity production, with savings of approximately 175 million baht. More importantly, the new initiative will enhance the nation’s energy stability and add value to oil refinery byproducts by employing them to produce electricity. This will be of great benefit to the country as it delivers a very high level of economic, social and environmental value,” concluded Noppol.

The 190 million baht Sao Tian-A project produces electricity from the natural gas byproduct of the oil rig in the Sao Tian-A field. The very small power plant (VSPP) is operated by Ratchaburi Energy, a subsidiary of RATCH with an annual production capacity of 24 million units. The daily consumption of natural gas     byproducts from the oil refinery in the Sao Tian – A field for the electricity production is approximately 800,000 cubic feet. The electricity generated will be supplied to the power grid operated by the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) and Electricity Generation Authority of Thailand (EGAT). The initiative is a natural extension of the project at the Pratu Tao field in Kong Subdistrict, Kongkrailas District, Sukhothai Province, where the plant annually produces and supplies an average of 18 million units of electricity from natural gas flare to the PEA grid. The combined production capacity of the two projects is 42 million units per annum.

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