To be a leading value-oriented integrated energy company in Asia-Pacific

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RATCH redefines business strategy moving toward to integrated energy company, aiming capacity increase 9,700 MW in 2023

Mr. Pongdith Potchana, Chief Operating Officer of RATCH, disclosed that the business strategy approved by the company’s Board of Directors in December last year will frame RATCH’s business direction within next 10 years to achieve its goal of becoming a leading valued-oriented integrated energy company in Asia Pacific. It will pay more attention to partnership strategy to enhance its capability in penetrating new markets such as ASEAN countries and others in Asia Pacific. Also, RATCH is interested in businesses related to power generation including transmission, distribution and fuel supply.

According to the business strategy, RATCH has to develop its enterprise value to 280 billion Baht in 2023 increasing from 116 billion Baht at present. It means that from now RATCH needs to invest more 3,157 megawatts to achieve 9,700 megawatts capacity representing the target value. Thailand and neighboring countries are significant investment targets especially on power projects attached with power purchase agreement with Electricity Authority of Thailand (EGAT). At the same time, RATCH plans to grow renewable energy business in domestic and potential international markets particularly in Australia and seeks for expanding business in new markets in ASEAN and Asia Pacific. RATCH will consider Greenfield and Brownfield investment as well as merger & acquisition to optimize stable cash flow of the company. In 2014, the 410 megawatts hydro power project in Lao PDR begins construction phase and expects commercial operation in 2018. Additionally, there are five new projects are under feasibility study and development including 300 megawatt coal-fired project in Myanmar, 2 solar projects with total 30 megawatts in Japan and 2 renewable projects in Australia namely, 23-Megawatt Collinsville Solar PV and 165-Megawatt Collector Wind Farm scheduled commercial operation in 2015 and 2016 respectively,” Mr. Pongdith added.

For 2013 operating performance, RATCH recognized 53.493 billion Baht revenue and 6.187 billion Baht profits representing 4.27 Baht per share. As of 31 December 2013, the Company’s total asset valued 88.903 billion Baht.

According to its equity holding in operating and developing projects in domestic and abroad, RATCH presently accounts 6,543-MW installed capacity. Out of total capacity, 4,834.05 MW is capacity of IPPs and SPPs in Thailand, 102.45 MW of domestic renewable projects and 1,606.02 MW of international projects.


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