To be a leading value-oriented integrated energy company in Asia-Pacific

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RATCH joins forces with strategic partners to extend overseas investment, Pursuing large-scale projects in ASEAN countries Aiming to THB133 billion enterprise value goal in 2015

  • Emphasizing on partnership strategy for enhancing international investment and other high- value businesses
  • Synergizing with EGAT Group as well as current and new business alliances to acquire more  international large projects
  • Negotiating joint-investment in several energy projects in Myanmar, Vietnam and Indonesia.
  • Recognizing about THB2.3 billion revenues from Hongsa Power Plant in 2015 and around THB9 billion for the next year   

Nan- Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Public Company Limited (RATCH) reported that it this year mainly focuses on oversea investment expansion, particularly in neighboring countries and ASEAN and tightens partnership with company group of Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT Group) as well as its current partners including Banpu Group, PTT Group and Chubu Electric Power. Also, RATCH is putting more effort for joining forces with new business alliances such as CGN Group and Chow Steel Group to pursue power project investment internationally. To achieve THB 282 billion enterprise value as per long-term business goal and retain sustainable growth, the company is considering to redefine its business model by keeping an eyes for non-energy businesses that will generate optimal values.    

Mr. Pongdith Potchana, RATCH’s Chief Executive Officer, revealed that the company puts best effort to finish the construction of Hongsa Power Plant within the specified commercial operation schedule. This project was expected to boost the enterprise value by THB42.233 billion, accounting for 34% of the total enterprise value at this present (amounting to 124,214 million Baht) and create the revenues of around THB2.3 billion in 2015 for the company. In addition, the company urged to study and negotiate the large joint-venture projects in Myanmar, Vietnam and Indonesia and renewable energy investments in Japan and the Philippines by joining hands with existing and new business alliances to drive the enterprise value to accomplish the established goal.

“The new projects, which are now in process of feasibility study and negotiation with both existing and new alliances, are mostly in neighboring countries and ASEAN. The projects that show significant progress include Myeik power plant project which is expected to enter Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with relevant Myanmar regulatory agency in June. The major progress is also seen on LNG terminal project in Myanmar that is now negotiating joint-venture with PTT Group. Meanwhile, there are other projects in the pipeline, such as the coal-fired power plant in Indonesia which is the joint-investment with Banpu Group, a large scale power plant in China which is negotiating with CGN Group, new solar farm ventures in Japan as well as the solar and wind farm projects in the Philippines that are co-investment with Chow Steel Group. It is strongly confident that the partnership synergy will enable the company to potentially compete with key rivals in international business arena and be increasingly capable to funding large capital investment,” Mr. Pongdith added. 

Importantly, RATCH seeks opportunity to join hands with EGAT Group, with an aim to support the national power security and uphold the electricity tariff at minimum rate as well as enhance the enterprise value for sustainable growth of the company. This approach complies with the EGAT’s policy that focuses on leverage strengths of its group of companies for optimizing benefits for the nation.


The company’s info in brief

Founded on 7 March 2000, Ratchaburi  Electricity Generating Holding Public Company Limited (RATCH) has registered the paid-up capital of THB14.5 billion and the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) is its major shareholder with 45% equity stake. It is regarded as a listed company because of its securities registered in the Stock Exchange of Thailand under the trading symbol of “RATCH.” The company is a leading Independent Power Producer in Thailand, with a mission to enhance the national power security that plays a vital role towards support the economic and social development and aims to be an integrated energy company to better support its sustainable enterprise value.

RATCH’s investment is mainly focused on fossil fuel power generation projects, renewable projects as well as businesses adjacent to electricity generation and energy both in Thailand and internationally. Currently, its total equity capacity reaches 6,578 MW from both commercially operated ones and projects under development and construction, which can be divided based on investment structure into 4,883 MW from IPPs and SPPs in Thailand, 69MW from domestic renewable energy projects and 1,626 MW from international projects.

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