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RATCH announces THB2.3 billion profit for first-half of 2015, commercial operation capacity increasing to 5,863 MW from RW cogeneration and Hongsa-unit 1 power plants

Nonthaburi: Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Public Company Limited (RATCH) announced its operating performance for the first-half of 2015 (January-June) that the profit was recorded at 2.31 billion baht and the commercial operation capacity increased by 344 megawatts from Ratchaburi World cogeneration power plant and unit 1 of Hongsa power plant. As of June 2015, its total operating capacity reached 5,862.95 megawatts. It is expected that RATCH’s operating capacity will increase to 6,117.31 megawatts from equity holding of 9.9-MW Songkhla Biomass power plant and 626-MW Hongsa power plant-unit 2 to be commercially operated at the end of this year.

Mr. Pongdith Potchana, RATCH's CEO, said that the operating revenues for the first-half of 2015 totaled 30.78 billion baht, divided into electricity sale of Ratchaburi and Tri Energy power plants accounting for 84% (25.87 billion baht),and profit sharing of joint venture projects and EDL-Gen dividend accounting for 2.3% (693.68 million baht). The performance reflects its satisfactory effectiveness in maximizing value from core assets. Also, the company will continue to pursue the construction of invested power plants to meet the scheduled commercial operation plan. At the end of this year, another two power plants, with total equity capacity of 254 megawatts, will commence commercial operation.

“Implementing the redefined strategic plan, RATCH shifts a goal to be an integrated energy company mainly focusing on overseas market. Regarded as a new player in an international energy market, the company must take longer time to consider risk and return balance of new projects to ensure effective investment. Current projects under feasibility studies mostly are large-scale greenfield base-load power plants in neighboring and ASEAN countries.” Mr. Pongdith added.

As of June 30, 2015, the company booked 97.72-billion baht assets and 46.67-billion baht retained earnings. On the part of capacity, RATCH currently accounts the total equity capacity of 6,578.05 megawatts, deriving from 5,862.95-MW commercially operated projects of and 715.10-MW developing and construction projects.

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