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RATCH redefined its investment structure for future growth

Nonthaburi: Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding PCL. (RATCH) has recently reorganized its investment structures to cope with its business growth in the future. According to the company’s revised business plan, the investment structure has been redefined to three segments i.e. IPP and SPP projects in Thailand, renewable power projects in Thailand, and international projects. RATCH’s wholly-owned subsidiaries including Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Co., Ltd. (REGCO), Ratchaburi Energy Co., Ltd. (RE), and RH International Corporation Limited (RHI), will be investment arms for the three segments respectively. The implementation of the new business plan will be proceeded with transferring RATCH’s current assets to those subsidiaries in accordance with the new structure. Recently, RATCH has already transferred 122-megawatt Nava Nakorn Cogeneration project in Prathumthani developed by Nava Nakorn Electricity Generating Co., Ltd. (NNEG), its 40% equity-owned venture, to REGCO.

Mr. Pongdith Potchana, CEO of RATCH disclosed that the new business plan has directed the company’s investment approaches much clearer leading to management efficiency particularly in more flexible financial management for future investment. Meanwhile, it has increased RATCH’s capability for raising fund with reasonable cost. Based on RATCH’s current assets, the new investment structure has been categorized into three groups and defined the wholly-owned subsidiaries to be the company’s investment arm.

Mr. Pongdith added that “RATCH started to reorganize its portfolio according to the new structure in the end of this year. The current assets will gradually be transferred in forms of asset liquidation to the three subsidiaries. Beginning with Nava Nakorn cogeneration power project, RATCH has liquidated its 16,080,000 ordinary shares in NNEG at paid-up capital price at THB10 per share in total amount of THB160.80 million to REGCO, its 99.99% owned subsidiary”.

At present, RATCH has owned domestic and foreign investments categorized according to the new investment structure as follows:

The domestic IPP and SPP power projects; Ratchaburi-Power power plant, Tri Energy power plant, Ratchaburi World cogeneration power project, Nava Nakorn cogeneration project, Pradu Tao power plant, and Soatien power plant

The domestic renewable projects; 8 solar farms of Solarta project, 3 solar farms of Solar Power project, 2 wind farms of Hauy Bong project, and Khao Kor wind power project.

Foreign investments; Nam Ngum 2 hydro power plant in Lao PDR, Xe-pien Xe-namnoy hydro power project in Lao PDR, and others power projects owned by RATCH-Australia Corporation Limited in Australia.


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