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RATCH starts AUD380 million Mount Emerald wind farm in Australia After signing PPA with Ergon Energy Queensland, Commercial operation scheduled in 2018

Nonthaburi- Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Public Company Limited (RATCH) announced the progress of the 180-MW Mount Emerald wind farm project, located in the north of Queensland, Australia. The project is a joint investment between RATCH-Australia Corporation Limited or RAC (with RATCH’s 80% shareholding) and Port Barjool Pty Ltd. holding 50% stake each. On May 27, 2016, the Mount Emerald wind farm project was selected and approved to enter the power purchase agreement (PPA) with Ergon Energy Queensland, the Queensland-owned enterprise of Australia, under the PPA’s terms during September 2018 – December 2030.

Mr. Rum Herabat, RATCH CEO, said that the Mount Emerald wind farm project was valued at AUD380 million (or around 9.5 billion baht), which our investment portion is about AUD160 million (approximately 4 billion baht). As entering into the long-term agreement with Ergon Energy Queensland (the state-owned enterprise of Queensland), the company is confident that the Mount Emerald wind farm will generate stable income for RATCH Group after commercial operation. Scheduled to start in this year, the project’s construction and installation of 53 wind turbines are expected to complete within 2 years. The Mount Emerald wind farm was regarded as Queensland’s the largest wind farm, thus increasing Queensland’s wind energy capacity by 15 times from the current capacity of only 12 megawatts generated by Windy Hill wind farm owned by RAC.

“The Mount Emerald project has been progressed as RAC’s business plan, focusing on development and investment in renewable energy, particularly wind farms that obviously show investment opportunity and growth potentiality, thanks to clear direction and the government’s renewable energy policy. Being the RAC’s fourth wind farm project, the Mount Emerald wind farm helps increase the RAC’s wind farm equity capacity by 72 megawatts, to 126 megawatts. As a result, the total RAC’s equity capacity surges to 581.52 megawatts. The company believes that the success of this project will mark the beginning of RATCH Group’s further business extension in Australia over the long run as many projects are now in process of feasibility study and development. The company is confident that those projects will make a good progress and achieve success as seen from the Mount Emerald wind farm project.” added Mr. Rum.

RAC currently invests in three wind farm projects, including Windy Hill wind farm in Queensland with 9.6-MW equity capacity, Toora wind farm in Victoria with 16.8-MW equity capacity and Starfish Hill wind farm in South Australia with equity capacity of 27.6 MW. RAC also operates three gas-fired power plants, with the total equity capacity of 455.52 megawatts. Consequently, RATCH’s total equity capacity increases to 6,879 MW, thanks to the success of the Mount Emerald project.

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