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RATCH announces the business plan to drive 7,000-MW growth by 2027

Nonthaburi- Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Public Company Limited (“RATCH”) officially announced the appointment of Mr. Kijja Sripatthangkura as the new CEO, to pursue its mission after Mr. Rum Herabat’s retirement on April 5, 2017.

For this year, the company still continues to achieve the goal as approved by the Board of Directors by growing the equivalent capacity to 7,500 megawatts and focusing on effective asset management in order to maintain the revenue growth. The core assets focused include Ratchaburi power plant, Hongsa power plant in Lao PDR, the cogeneration power plants and the  renewable power plants.  

Aiming to strengthen and sustain business fundamental in the long term, the company considerably plans to add up 7,000-MW equity capacity, with funding of about 300-billion-baht within the next ten year or in 2027.   

Mr. Kijja Sripatthangkura, RATCH CEO, revealed that the company’s business operation plan will remain unchanged, while adding more challenging goal to increase capacity by 7,000megawatts. The investment in large projects will more consider merger and acquisition in order to reduce the duration for project development and immediately recognize capacity as well as revenues. On the part of investment for greenfield projects, the company will emphasize renewable projects due to its shorter development period of only 1-3 years. Moreover, the investment scope was enlarged to cover power, fuel, renewable energy, infrastructure business as well as other businesses engaging in innovation or new technology that meet global mega trends, such as green business and renewable energy-related business.   

 “The company plans stretch target for 7,000 megawatts by 2027, increasing from the formerly established goal of around 3,000 megawatts. This year, the company still continues progress for three main areas: monitoring the six projects that now are under development and under construction, with combined-537-megawatt capacity to ensure its commercial operation as planned, improving and maintaining reliability and availability of key power plants to ensure its revenue generation as estimated. In addition, RATCH will urgently seek new international projects and revisit the risk and return assessment procedure to suit changing factors and current conditions of each country. I will integrate my knowledge and experience into the strength of RATCH’s team and drive the company to success. I am quite confident that RATCH will grow further and remain its position as a leading independent power producer in Thailand over the long run,” Mr, Kijja added.   

RATCH current equity capacity is about 6,980 megawatts, comprising of 4,948.59 megawatts in Thailand and 2,031 megawatts in aboard. If the investment process of Indonesia-based natural-gas-fired Riau project completes, the company’s generation capacity will reach to 7,115 megawatts. 

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