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RATCH expects 8,000-MW generation capacity by 2017, Announcing a 5.421-billion-baht profit for the first-nine months, rising 69%

Nonthaburi - Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Public Company Limited (RATCH) today announced its operating performance for the first-nine months and trend in 2017. RATCH expects to achieve generation capacity of 8,028 megawatts equivalent, higher than the 7,500-megawatt equivalent target this year due to its successful investment in overseas IPP power projects and domestic pink- and yellow-line monorail projects. During the first-nine months, it posts a 5.421-billion profit, increasing 69% over the same period of last year.

Mr. Kijja Sripatthangkura, RATCH CEO, said that the performance in this year tends to be satisfactory because of its achievement according to business plan in three aspects:1) Capacity would increase higher than expected 2) Overseas expansion showed a significant progress as the company successfully enters into Indonesia and the investment in the Philippines seemed to be finalized by this yearend. 3) Diversification to related and non-power businesses apparently marks a good start as seen by the recent success of a monorail investment. 

 “During the first-nine months of this year, the operating performance is impressive. There are five investment projects coming to the conclusion, including a fossil-fuel power plant, two renewable power projects and two monorail projects (Pink-line and Yellow-line monorails). In consequences, it will heavily strengthen the company’s revenues generating from IPP assets, renewables, and power-related and new business. This year, portion of revenues from IPP, renewables, and related businesses would be around 84%, 8% and 5% of total revenues respectively. As power and energy-related business as well as other business are also prioritized, many potential opportunities in various sectors in Thailand and overseas, such as fuel supply, infrastructure, telecommunication, energy plant, bio-technology are studied insight and investment possibility. It is expected that the bio-technology project will likely conclude this year, following the investment in monorail business,” Mr. Kijja added.

For financial performance of the first-nine months of 2017, RATCH posted a 11.937-billion-baht total revenues (excluding Energy Payment), mostly deriving from electricity sales and financial leases revenues of 8.321-billion-baht revenues (accounting for 70% of the total revenues), and profit sharing from joint ventures of 2.87-biillion-baht (24%).  The profit for the first-nine months rose by 69%, amounting to 5.421 billion baht, driven by increases in revenues from sales and services, profit sharing from joint ventures, and profit from foreign exchange rates.

As of September 30, 2017, its financial position is strong and stable proven by 95.696-billion-baht total asset, the 32.528-billion-baht liabilities, 63.168-billion-baht shareholders’ equity, and the 50.766-billion-baht retained earnings. In September, the company paid 1.668 -billion-baht interim dividend, equivalent to 1.15 baht per shares. 

At Present, RATCH recognized equity capacity of 7,379.13 megawatts equivalent, divided into 6,495.51 megawatts equivalent of commercial capacity, and 883.62 megawatts equivalent from project under construction and development. Besides Thailand, RATCH has operated business in Lao PDR, Australia, China and Indonesia.

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