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RATCH postponed Annual Shareholder Meeting of 2020 and implemented Work-from-Home measure to prevent impact from COVID-19 disease pandemic

Nonthaburi- According to the national-wide spread of COVID-19 disease, RATCH Group Public Company Limited (RATCH) announced the preventive measures in response to the government’s mitigation measures on COVID-19 transmission in high-risk locations, refraining activities gathering a large number of people that caused of high-risk of the disease spreading, as well as social distancing. The implementation is also aligned with the company policy concerning on health and safety of employees and suppliers’ operator which reflects to not only the company’s social responsibility, but also business continuity preparedness.

In this regard, the company has postponed the Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders of 2020, formerly scheduled on Thursday, April 9, 2020, until the situation is appropriate. In the meanwhile, the Board of Directors approved the interim dividend payment of 1.25 baht per share accounting to 1,812.50 million baht. The shareholders will receive the dividend on Friday, April 17, 2020. 

Additionally, the company has implemented the remote working by requiring its employees to perform their duties at their own residences until the disease spreading condition is eased. These measures are aimed to protect the company’s personnel and business from risk and effect caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in respect to the company’s commitment to employees care, safety and decent workplace, and the government policy as well.  

During the period, the business is operating as usual and regular channels; email, telephone, contact person are able to be accessed, or connected through following channels;

  • The Company Secretary Division     Email: CS@ratch.co.th      Tel. 084 711 9888
  • The Investor Relations Department     Email: IR@ratch.co.th       Tel. 081 827 7997
  • The Public Relations Department     Email: PR@ratch.co.th     Tel. 081 612 2867
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