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RATCH Group assures steady revenues of Collector Wind Farm following the PPA with the second off-taker concluded

Nonthaburi- RATCH Group Public Company Limited (RATCH) reported progress of Collector Wind Farm project that RATCH-Australia Corporation Pty Ltd. (“RAC”), its wholly-owned subsidiary in Australia, successfully entered into a 10-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with ALDI Foods Pty Ltd, a major Australian retailer on March 24, 2020. According to the agreement, ALDI Foods will purchase 19.40 percent of total electricity generated from the 226.80-MW Collector Wind Farm project for a 10-year period starting from the commercial generation in early 2021 onwards.

Mr. Kijja Sripatthangkura, RATCH Chief Executive Officer, stated that the achievement in signing of the Power Purchase Agreement represents significant stability to the Collector project in both aspects of generation and revenues because it is a large-scale wind farm with annual electricity generation capacity around 528 gigawatt-hours. The ALDI Foods Pty Ltd is the second off-taker entering the PPA of the project following Infigen Energy earlier signed PPA on March 9. At present, the construction of Collector Wind Farm project has progress as planned and expects commercial schedule in January 2021.

“To date, the company has successfully secured the Collector project with two off-takers who will procure nearly 80 percent of its generating capacity, representing approximately 419.23 gigawatt-hours per year for 10 years. It brings positive consequences not only to generation efficiency of the project, but also stable and steady income and cash flow of the company. The 20.6 per cent of the remaining electricity capacity will be supplied in the Australian power pool market”, said Mr. Kijja.

The AUD 360-million Collector Wind Farm project, located in the New South Wales, Australia, operated by RATCH-Australia Corporation Pty Ltd. (“RAC”). The project is planned for first commissioning in November 2020 and commercial operation in January 2021.

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