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RATCH - ALT leverage synergy by establishing “Smart Infranet” to penetrate fiber optic market across the country responding to digital society, smart city and smart grid development

4 August 2020, Bangkok: RATCH Group Public Company Limited (RATCH) and ALT Telecom Public Company Limited (ALT) leverage business synergy by setting up Smart Infranet Company Limited (SIC) wishing to seize telecommunications’ market share after the 530 million-baht assets transfer from ALT completed. The two transferred projects comprise the fiber optic network along the railways and highways with total length of 5,062 kilometers nationwide, and the fiber networks and micro ducts through the Metropolitan Electricity Authority's underground pipelines on three main roads namely, Phaholyothin - Pradipat Road, Phayathai Road and Sukhumvit Road.

Mr. Kijja Sripatthangkura, Chief Executive Officer of RATCH Group disclosed that infrastructure business according to RATCH’s business plan is one of our investment focuses with an aim to increase to 20 percent of total investment by 2023. Up to date, RATCH has engaged in basic infrastructure projects including electric rail, intercity motorways, water service, Internet of Things, and fiber-optic network that are necessity for driving economic growth and social development of the country. SIC, RATCH’s 51%-owned subsidiary, is positioned as a key driver in establishing telecommunication business through providing fiber optic network service which are required by business sector in dealing with disruptive technology and digital transformation. They need in particularly technology and innovation for value-adding products and services as well as consumers’ convenience, speed and utmost efficiency. The transferred assets from ALT will be SIC’s core operating base for generating revenues since the fourth quarter of 2020 onwards and extending future customer base into electricity and relate businesses beyond mobile phone operators and internet service providers presently.

“In RATCH's perspective, the fiber optic network is a crucial infrastructure in enhancing competency and competitiveness for entrepreneurs including power and energy industries which is evolving into Prosumer age where consumers can be power producers. It also is important to develop smart grids by employing digital technology to real-time regulate, monitor and control power generation, transmission and distribution systems, and help to reduce energy loss resulting in lower electricity costs which is beneficial to both manufacturers and power users. RATCH is highly confident that SIC will be a customer’s partner of choice relying on nationwide fiber optic network service that helps enabling businesses to fully adapt and expand potential opportunities in the digital economy,” Mr. Kijja said.

Ms. Preeyaporn Tangpaosak, ALT’s President and SIC’s Managing Director said that partnership with RATCH to establish SIC is aligned with ALT’s strategy in creating present and future business opportunity in order to grow sustainably. SIC’s business will provide fiber optic network service with an aims to expand customer target to power sector by leveraging RATCH’s power industry leadership and expertise to strengthen SIC’s business potential and competitiveness.

“SIC is a partnership between ALT and RATCH to jointly develop telecommunication infrastructure, not only for mobile phone operators and internet service providers, but also customers in power sector that fiber optic network used as a backbone highly tends to be adopted in power efficiency management in the future. Similarly, it is essential for smart grid development in both supply and demand sides and smart city where people’s way of life and communications technology is increasingly engaged and most devices connect via wireless or Internet of Things (IOT). The evolution creates new business platform leading to economy sharing, reducing investment duplication aligned with the government promotion policy, and lowering cost for entrepreneurs overall,” Ms. Preeyaporn added.

Smart Infranet Company Limited, established on June 21, 2019 is owned by RATCH and ALT with 51% stake and 49% respectively. After the asset transfer, SIC’s registered capital values at 550 million baht and operates leased-hold service of fiber optic network covering main transport routes in Central Business District, main roads across Bangkok, and telegraph poles along the railways throughout the country. SIC's office locates at RATCH Group Building, Ngamwongwan Road, Mueang District, Nonthaburi Province.

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