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RATCH join Forces with PRINC to expand healthcare business nationwide, enhancing the country’s public health system, access to quality health service for people

Bangkok – RATCH Group Public Company Limited (RATCH) and Principal Capital Public Company Limited (PRINC) announced their synergy as strategic partners to drive sustainable healthcare business and expansion nationwide. It enables to strengthen the country’s public health system and provide general public wider opportunity to access quality healthcare service. RATCH has successfully purchased 346,233,682 newly issued ordinary shares under the General Mandate scheme of Principal Capital Public Company Limited and 34,623,369 shares of its major shareholder, totaling to 380,857,051 shares, or 10% of total common shares of PRINC. The transaction valued at 1,557,705,338.59 baht. RATCH and PRINC have already entered into three main agreements, namely a Share Subscription Agreement, a Share Purchase Agreement and a Shareholder Agreement.

Mr. Kijja Sripatthangkura, Chief Executive Officer of RATCH Group Public Company Limited said that healthcare business in Thailand has significant long-term growth potential due to aging society and social behavior of health consciousness increasing, as well as COVID-19 pandemic as a catalyst for growing healthcare value chain; including medical care & wellness service, pharmaceutical business, nutritional supplements, medical supplies & equipment, and medical & healthcare innovation and technology. In addition, the company considers that investment model of healthcare and power generation businesses are similar as it is capital intensive and time-taking for returns. More importantly, it is relevant to people’s daily life creating a positive impact on society and the economy as a whole. This assures that RATCH Group is readily prepared for managing risks and returns on investment wisely and efficiently.

“The company views that healthcare business has a great potential for future growth but penetrating into it requires specific expertise. RATCH completely entered into the business when PRINC having extensive healthcare experience and expertise management team looked for a strategic partner. At the beginning of synergy, both will collectively drive PRINC’s strategic plan and target by focusing on building operation bases in secondary-city across the country in order to enhance access to quality healthcare for people, providing service and cost management through innovation and cutting-edge technology, and fostering community, society and environment. That also corresponds to RATCH’s commitment.

The company is confident that PRINC’s strategic growth plan will be pursue to achieve its target and bring the company’s sustainable growth, as well as further collaboration of both companies in the future,” Mr. Kijja added.

Dr. Satit Viddayakorn (Ph.D.), Managing Director, Principal Capital Public Company Limited said that the meaningful collaboration will lead us achieving 20 hospital targets in 2022, increasing from current 11 hospitals located in 10 provinces, and expanding the primary care networks, known as gold card clinic, from current 13 clinics to 100 clinics nationwide by 2022.

In addition, both RATCH and PRINC similarly view on growth trend of healthcare business, especially the elderly, which still has huge opportunities. They are ready for cooperation in technology and innovation development in aspects of health, clean energy and relevant areas in accordance with PRINC's commitment. PRINC also pays attention to human development by implanting giving-mindset enabling the company’s growth along with sustainable society, community, and environment.

“We appreciate RATCH for believing in PRINC. Previously, RATCH had thoroughly studied PRINC’s business and finally been confident in our efficient hospital management under Shared Service Model. Importantly, we have a team of doctors, personnel and management teams that have capability to serve our expansion of hospital and other health businesses in the future.

We are confident that PRINC can provide health care service together with creating shared value for stakeholders in all locations of our hospitals. With RATCH’s support, we are able to achieve our goal as a leader of medical digital platform which will bring better experience and quality of livings by providing access to quality health system for Thai people, particularly in secondary cities,” Dr. Satit said.

PRINC committed to building a strong alliance to develop medical care service in insufficient locations, and also complement to public medical services. Fortunately, our partners are truly dedicated to social, community and environmental care, namely International Finance Corporation (IFC), a financial institution affiliated with the World Bank Group and RATCH. These partnerships help PRINC to stay on its path to becoming an organization that creates personnel with hearts who care for the sustainable development of people, communities and society.

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