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RATCH Group join forces with BCH Group establishing private hospital business pioneer in Lao PDR

Nonthaburi – RATCH Group Public Company Limited (RATCH) allies with Bangkok Chain Hospital Public Company Limited (BCH Group) establishing the private hospital business pioneer in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) aiming to address growing demand for healthcare services as well as the Government of Lao’s social development goal including enhancement of public health system, wellbeing and quality of living for the public at large. On July 30, 2021, RATCH-Lao Services Co., Ltd. (RATCH-Lao), a Lao-based RATCH’s wholly owned subsidiary, entered into a share purchase agreement with Bangkok Chain International (Lao) Co., Ltd. (BCIL), for subscribing 9.91% of BCIL’s newly issued ordinary shares valued at 190 million baht. Consequently, RATCH has joined in Kasemrad International Hospital located in Vientiane capital, Lao PDR, a private tertiary hospital providing comprehensive medical care with 254-bed capacity. The hospital expected to commence operation in August 19, 2021 with 110-bed capacity for the first phase.

Mr. Kijja Sripatthangkura, Chief Executive Officer of RATCH Group PCL., said that the Company is grateful to collaboration with Kasemrad Hospital Group to take part of being a pioneer in developing healthcare service business in Lao PDR. RATCH viewed that health and wellness business is consecutively growing in parallel with people’s health-concerned behavior trend. Driven by circumstances of COVID-19 pandemic, expansion of healthcare business has been rapidly and RATCH considered it as potential non-power generation business. Most importantly, the Government of Lao has committedly strategic goals in public health system development to enhance people’s opportunity and accessibility to broad and quality healthcare services. Kasemrad International Hospital in Vientiane Capital, therefore, becomes a hospital of choices for Lao’s people as well as expatriates including Thai in the Lao PDR. RATCH anticipated that the investment will bring returns and financial stability in long-term.

“RATCH is confident in the potentiality of BCH Group with its longstanding success and expertise in businesses of healthcare and private tertiary hospital management, together with full team of multi-disciplinary specialized medical personnel. The company truly appreciates BCH Group for confidence in RATCH and welcome us in Kasemrad International Hospital Vientiane. The company hopes that collaboration and investment in healthcare services in Lao market will be extended further,” Mr. Kijja added.

Prof.Dr.Chalerm Harnphanich, M.D., Chief Executive Officer of Bangkok Chain Hospital Public Company Limited, and Managing Director of Bangkok Chain International (Lao) Co., Ltd., said that BCH is well-prepared and certainly ready to provide comprehensive tertiary medical and healthcare services in Lao PRD where Kasemrad International Hospital Vientiane will start delivering the services in August 19 onwards. Under the COVID-19 outbreak circumstances, we will fully support our effort and competent to Lao Government in combating the epidemic. Our extensive experienced medical practitioners and team in Thailand have been ready to support and work with Lao medical experts ensuring provided medical care and services at our best capability. Additionally, advanced medical equipment and supplies has been invested to enhance effectiveness of medical treatment.

“We thank RATCH Group for joining forces with BCH in mobilizing healthcare business in Lao PDR. We aim to build Kasemrad International Hospital Vientiane to be the pioneer of private hospital that provides a full range of specialized medical care and service in Vientiane. The USD 60-million hospital will serve 110 beds and 43 clinic rooms in the first run of hospital, and will expand to full capacity of 254 beds in the second phase. We are confident that Kasemrad International Hospital Vientiane will exceedingly help strengthen Lao’s public health system and enhance quality of living for people in Lao PDR,” Prof.Dr.Chalerm concluded.

Consequent to completion of newly issued share subscription, BCIL’s shareholders will comprise of Bangkok Chain Hospital Public Company Limited (BCH) 68.47%, RATCH-Lao Service Co., Ltd. 9.91%, and other Lao and Thai minority shareholders of 21.62% in total.

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