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RATCH offered a nursery for producing organic fertilizer and soil, with an aim to encourage youth to follow His Majesty the King’s initiatives

Sukhothai: With 100% stake in Ratchaburi Energy Co., Ltd., Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Public Company Limited organized a presentation ceremony for 104 scholarships for Baan Pradu Tao School, Kong Krai Lad, Sukhothai. This scholarship presentation ceremony has been conducted for seven consecutive years in order to enhance the potentiality and support the education for youth. The Company gave 1,243 scholarships for school in Sukhothai throughout seven years. In this event, Mr. Prayut Thongsuwan, Executive Vice President - Corporate Administration and Managing Director - Ratchaburi Energy Company Limited (fourth from left) presided over the ceremony and Mr. Luechai Khunaka, Deputy Director of Sukhothai Primary Education Service Area Office, Area 1 as well as executives of local administration and the school also participated in the ceremony.

The Company offered a nursery for producing organic fertilizer and soil under “Career Training Program on Organic Fertilizer and Soil Production” in order to promote the youth to learn organic fertilizer and soil production from local natural resources. As a result, the youth can use such fertilizer and soil in their lunch program and farming in the school area which will largely help save the lunch cost. This project also offers organic farm produce and instills the sense of “self-reliance” in line with His Majesty the Kings’ Self Sufficiency Economy theory to all students.

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