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RATCH Received A Prestige Recognition on National Forest Conservation Day

Bangkok- Recently, Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Public Company Limited received a prestige plaque on the National Forest Conservation Day from General Dapong Rattanasuwan, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, as a benefactor supporting the Royal Forest Department’s works in conserving forest, natural resources and environment. In the event, Ms. Boontiva Dansamasatid, Executive Vice President, was the Company’s representative receiving this award.

The Company has continued to put emphasis on forest conservation and actively implemented many CSR activities, such as “Community Forest Project” that helps enlarge forest conservation network and the forest area nationwide. Currently, the Company runs many activities to increase green area and build the carbon sink, such as “the Love the Forest and Community” program under the “Klayim” project that has been organized since 2008, Plant Genetic Conservation in 60 Community Forests project, One Million Seedlings in Honor of HM the Queen project, activities to strengthen community forests in Ratchaburi, and a program to plant trees in upstream forests to create carbon sinks at degraded forest area in National Park, Nan.

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