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RATCH encourages ‘Klayim’ youth to create their dream community for sustainable forest and energy conservation

Nan: Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Public Company Limited promoted environmental stewardship among youth through ‘dream community’ activity, with an aim to create sustainable forest and energy conservation. The youth has participated in the knowledge sharing activity in ‘Klayim’ youth camp which partially plays a vital role to support the country’s forest conservation in order to keep forest area for the next generation people.  

Mrs. Boontiva Dansamasatid, RATCH’s Executive Vice President, revealed that ‘Klayim’ Youth Camp is a key activity under the ‘Love the Forest and the Community Project’ that has been annually organized for eight consecutive years in collaboration with the Royal Forest Department. The company aimed to promote and support the natural resource conservation, particularly for forest and energy as well as efficient, sustainable and economical utilization based on play and learn concept. This learning style allowed all children to receive experience via learning by doing process and brainstorming. Knowledge on ecosystem, global warming, climate change as well as energy and waste management that were regarded as national problem were also added in this activity. 

This youth camp welcomed youth and local experts to share knowledge about natural resource conservation works. The youth had a chance to listen to useful information as well as participating in DIY activity. Brainstorming activity was also organized. Thus, children can express their imagination on the dream community with good environment as well as efficient and sustainable resource management via their picture for using as a model to further develop their community.  

In 2015, the company organized two ‘Klayim’ Youth Camps. The first camp for central eastern region was held in Phetchaburi in April and the second one for northern region was held in Nan in May. The ‘Klayim’ Youth Camps that were organized for eight consecutive years resulted in 1,403 ‘Klayim’ members interested in forest and energy conservation. This CSR program can respond to the company’s mission to sustainably resolve the global climate change problem.       


Ms. Boontiva Dansamasatid, RATCH’s Executive Vice President, gave suggestions about the ‘dream community’ activity to participating youth. 

Botanical garden station helped create the youth’s imagination of their dream trees which indirectly increase their awareness toward the benefit of trees.

Stream Detective Station promoted learning about forest abundance from stream.

Brainstorming activity allowed all participating youth to present knowledge received from the camp and their plan to future develop their community through pictures.

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