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The Royal Forest Department and Ratchaburi Holding announce the Publication of Native Forest Plants, A Food Source for Communities and the 1 Million Young Plants for the Mother of the Land program in honor of HM The QueenTo follow the Queen’s Path towards forest conservation, ensuring the coexistence of forests and people

According to Mrs. Boontiva Dansamasatid, Executive Vice President-Corporate, Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding PLC, “Both initiatives; ‘Native Forest Plants, A Food Source for Communities’ HRH the Queen honor celebration book and The 1 Million Young Plants for the Mother of the Land initiative, are parts of 'the Love the Forest and the Community' program, which is being run by the company, in collaboration with the Royal Forest Department to drive the community forest concept to the highest level of tangible success. We believe that the more the community forests have expanded, the longer-lasting the country’s forest areas will sustain. Since communities have relied on forests as the sources of food and water for generations, they cherish and are able to protect the forests against destruction. As a leading investment company in the power generation business in Thailand, RATCH is committed to promoting community forests in all regions of Thailand via a wide range of activities undertaken to enhance forest sustainability and the generation of direct and indirect benefits for the communities as a whole.”

“We are aware of the hazards caused by global warming and climate change, including the increasing incidence of severe natural disasters. We therefore join with the Royal Forest Department to run activities to restore and protect forest resources and community forests because they serve as important sites for CO2 absorption. The 1 Million Young Plants for the Mother of the Land program marks another effort to increase the number of trees including trees for food, herbal plants and trees that will increase fertility, biodiversity and ecological balance of the community forests in order to prevent floods and draughts,” added Mrs. Boontiva.

The objective of the 1 Million Young Plants for the Mother of the Land program is to restore community forests. RATCH has provided 4.3 million baht for the production of one million seedlings by the Royal Forest Department and the young plants will be given away to 200 villages in five provinces including Ubon Ratchathani, Saraburi, Chiang Mai, Phitsanulok and Surat Thani to be planted in order to supplement the existing trees in their own community forests. The one million seedlings will be planted in forest areas of 5,000 rai and they include perennial plants, food plants, herbal plants and other plants that meet community needs and are best suited for local conditions.

Additionally, RATCH, in partnership with the Royal Forest Department, launched the ‘Native Forest Plants, A Food Source for Communities’ book in honor of Her Majesty the Queen. The book features information about the plants growing in community forests nationwide including the benefits that community members have utilized to support their lives, forming a tradition and local wisdom passed down from generation to generation.

“The forest is a valuable asset because it forms a solid source of raw materials for the production of food, clothing, buildings, medicine and many other products. The science of forest utilization represents valuable knowledge that should be passed on to members of communities and the wider Thai society as well as retained for future generations. There are 150 indigenous plants commonly found in community forests that are used for food contained in the book, with their botanical descriptions, propagation and use. We believe that the book will serve as a means of communicating the value and importance of forests to the public while encouraging them to realize the interdependence of forests and people,” concluded Mrs. Boontiva.

There are 10,000 copies of Native Forest Plants, A Food Source for Communities in honor of HM the Queen is available for free distribution to community forests and schools across Thailand. It serves as a reference for education and further study of botany while capturing local knowledge of Thailand’s native plants for sustainable living. 

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