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The Royal Forest Department, In Collaboration With Ratchaburi Holding, Opens the “Baan Huay Rai Burapa Community Forest Learning Center”

The “Baan Huay Rai Burapa Community Forest Learning Center” was established to honor and celebrate the Crown Prince’s 60th Birthday Anniversary 28 July 2012. The Royal Forest Department and Ratchaburi Holding have chosen the Baan Huay Rai Burapa Community Forest in Up Mung Sub-district, Udon Thani to be the venue where a learning center is established to serve as the center for community forest development and become a learning center for other communities to develop their own forest and natural resource management practices. The Baan Huay Rai Burapa Community Forest received the 2010 Best National Community Forest with the HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s Trophy and the forest serves as the water shed for Udon Thani.

Mr. Noppol Milinthanggoon, Chief Executive Officer, Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding PLC, said, “As a leading independent power producer, we are committed to protecting the forests to be the green lungs of the country and the source of pure air to ensure the green environment and a good quality of life for all members in the Thai society. We agree with the Royal Forest Department’s commitment to promote community forests, believing this is an effective way to protect and maintain the forests. With this in our mind, we have volunteered to be a partner working with the department to drive this concept under the Love the First and Community program that has been run since 2008. The Community Forest Learning Center is a part of the program and it serves as a means to expand community forest development and management from the community level into an extensive country-wide interconnected network. It acts as a solid fortification that provides real protection and preservation of the Thai forests.”

“We are very delighted that the “Baan Huay Rai Burapa Community Forest Learning Center” was established from the real demands of the community members who intend to use this facility as a center of transferring knowledge and passing on the forest conservation awareness to all community members and visitors. The learning center symbolizes the commitment of all sectors of society and community members who have contributed to the sustainable protection of Thai forests for future generations. This milestone marks a unique collaborative effort between the Royal Forest Department and the Baan Huay Burapa Community who have the shared a vision to build a center to transfer and expand the community forest concept. The innovative facility is expected to help stimulate other communities to be more aware of undertaking the protection of forests and multiplying the number of community forests for the country as a whole,” concluded Noppol.        

The Baan Huay Rai Burapa Community Forest is a strong community that has participated in forest preservation and restoration by applying HM the King and HM the Queen’s ideas on forest conservation. The Community Forest has been successfully restored and converted into a well-managed fertile forest while the community network has been well established.  The Baan Huay Rai Burapa Community Forest is a natural deciduous dipterocarp forest that contains a great variety of large trees, such as Krabok (Irvingia malayana Oliv. ex A. Benn), Tor Koh and Makok Liam, and a great deal of herbal plants including wild fingerroot, Siam tulip, especially the pink Siam tulip that is in blossom in the rainy season and many others. The animals found in the forest community include squirrels, wild rabbits, treeshrews, colugos and others. There is also a stunning biodiversity with many learning attractions such as the Chundai Cave, Ba Ang Waterfall, salt licks which is a food source for green pigeons in the summer and stone toothbrush trees that have white flowering blossoms.        

The Baan Huay Rai Burapa Community Forest Learning Center has an area of about 20 rai which consists of the following items:

Learning Center Building: to present exhibitions, information and local knowledge about biodiversity conservation and local wisdom and serve as a location for conferences to boost local community and public participation.

Nature Trail: comprises two trails; 500 meters and 1,000 – 1,500 meters that allows people to experience and closely study nature and build awareness of natural conservation and co-existing with the forest.

Seedling Nursery: a depository of 20,000 young trees to nurture local plants and supply trees for forests as well as provide public distribution. The young plants in the nursery are orchids, Makmao, star gooseberry, Burmese ebony, river spiderwort, ironwood and others.

Herbal Garden: to protect local herbs from extinction, such as Ma Kratueb Rong, Birch, Ya Nang Daeng, and Cissampelos Pareira Linn as well as to be an educational facility for the community and increase the number of plant species.

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