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The Royal Forest Department and Ratchaburi Holding campaigned planting of auspicious and rare trees in 84 schools and temples nationwide

Mr. Chonlatit Suratsawadee, Deputy Director General, Royal Forest Department said that The Department of Royal Forest and Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding PLC organized the closing ceremony of  the Urban Forest for Education - “Klayim” project to celebrate H.M. the King’s 84th birthday. The project started in June 2011 and has been completed with 84 seedling plantings at educational and religious institutions nationwide. Each planting is approximately 5-8 rai. This initiative marked the unique collaboration of 3 partners: the government sector, the private sector and the general public which include students and teachers, in response to His Majesty's initiative on natural resource and environmental conservation to encourage educational and religious institutions to take up forest protection. The types of seedlings for a plantation consist of the auspicious plants for 76 provinces, auspicious birthday plants, local plants, aromatic flowering plants, edible plants and plants that are significant in the Buddhist religion which are rare plants or at high risk of extinction. These plants are can serve as an educational center for students, teachers, and people in the community to study botany as well as build awareness of forest conservation for the Thai youth.

Mrs. Boontiva Dansamasatid, Executive Vice President-Corporate, Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding PLC said that the Urban Forest for Education - “Klayim” project has been a collaboration between the Royal Forest Department and the company to focus on “planting forests in people’s mind” by using schools and temples as centers to disseminate knowledge and increase the study of botany for the youth and communities as well as provide green areas in urban communities. Students, teachers and general public will enjoy a plantation and have an opportunity to closely observe rare plants, starting from cultivating and fostering these trees to grow. This will allow them to learn and develop a genuine human bond with trees. The company is proud of participating in building awareness and driving the conservation and rehabilitation of natural resources. The project will help build young people who have awareness of natural resource preservation to internalize ideas about sustainable management of environment and natural resources.

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