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Royal Forest Department and Ratchaburi Holding Continue Northeast Kla Yim Youth Camp Create Young mainstays to Carry on Community Forest Conservation

Sakonnakorn/Bangkok-18 October 2012: The Royal Forest Department, in partnership with Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding PCL (Ratchaburi Holding), continued 'Kla Yim Youth Camp' as a part of "Love the Forest and the Community Program" in Sakonnakorn Province. This activity aims to empirically boost the northeast youth's awareness in forest conservation and well being and to foster the notion of energy saving for helping reduce a Global Warming issue.

Mr Prajuab Ujjin, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Ratchaburi Holding, revealed that the company has a pivotal mission to reduce Carbon Dioxide emission to stop Global Warming through its CSR activities both in process and out of the process. The " Love the Forest and the Community Program" is a main mechanism on forest conservation for being the sustainable country's carbon sink. Together with the Royal Forest Department, the company selected the notion of community forest as the key concept of the program. By its 5 years of continuation, a youth camp is an activity emphasizes on creating young forest community conservative successors as well as on networking and strengthening the connection between young people  in the same region on the concept that 'the wider and more solid the network is, the more successful the forest preservation would be'.

"We have arranged 11 Kla Yim Youth Camps since 2008 for over 890 young people attended nationwide. In 2012, there have been 2 camps, the first was held in the South, at Phang-nga province and another was recently held at Sakonnakorn province in the Northeast. The highlight of the latest camp is its 8 young leaders, from Nokornpanom province and Mukdaharn province, who gathered as a forest conservative network to work on local environmental protection. We believed that they will become the idols to the younger generation and help create inspiration for the starting point of preservation. In addition, the 'Fight the Global Warming' activity is created to educated the youth that human has caused the global warming issue. Also, they will be recognized that the overconsumption of food and water directly effects the increase of Carbon Dioxide, the cause of the warming problem. This activity will create awareness and boost the manner of 'eat up, drain off and grow 3 trees' that will helps reduce the issue in question. We are confident that our young people will be well educated and experienced that will be a benefit both to themselves and their society in the future. We expect them to change their habit of consumption and plant growing which will be counted as a success of the activity to some degree. Simultaneously, our employees, volunteered as the camp leaders, will be absorbently learned this matter which is our mean of employee development in terms of environment", said Mr Prajuab.

In Kla Yim camp, young people will visit Phuparn National Park to clarify 4 principles: 1) the conservation 2) the natural resources 3) natural resources conservation and 4) natural resources protection. This knowledge brings about thinking and practical behaviors. Additionally, the youth will visit Inpeang Life University which is famous in forest utilization in daily life, i.e., gourmet powder from sweet leaf, acacia and yanang, herbal soaps, organic fertilizer and compost. This includes the learning of plant nursery such as seeding, cutting, grafting and so on.

The Northeast Kla Yim Youth Camp is being held between 18-21 October 2012 at Sakonnakorn province. 80 attendees who aged between 13-15 year-old are selected from 10 provinces: Ubolratchathani, Amnatcharoen, Mukdaharn, Nakornpanom, Sakonnakorn, Udornthani, Nongbualampu, Roi-ed, and Srisaket.

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