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Royal Forest Department and Ratchaburi Holding Organize Kla Yim Youth Camp Create Youth Network to Take Care Community Forest and Environment

Phang Nga/Bangkok – 10 May 2012: The Royal Forest Department, in partnership with Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding PCL (Ratchaburi Holding), organized the ‘Kla Yim’ south youth camp, as part of the ‘Love the Forest and the Community’ program. The camp is being held at the Baan Klang Community Forest, Phang-nga province, which was the winner of the 2011 best national community forest and received HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s Trophy.

Mr. Noppol Milinthanggoon, Chief Executive Officer, Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding PCL, said, “Ratchaburi Holding is committed to promoting conservation of Thailand’s forest and environmental resources as part of its mission corporate social responsibility which has been implemented in an on-going manner. The Klayim youth camp is part of the Love the Forest and Community program, which is an initiative we have undertaken in collaboration with the Royal Forest Department for 5 years since 2008. We have arranged 9 youth camps for over 750 young people. The objective is to boost awareness about natural resources and environmental protection and create a strong network to take care the community forests. This network will be the key to protect the forests in the future.

“The youth camp not only makes young people learn, understand and have a positive attitude about the protection of natural resources and environment, but also raises their awareness of the importance of the forest and the appropriate use of forest resources while encouraging everyone to live with the forest in a balanced and sustainable manner. This will help build a solid network of modern young people who will grow up to be a major force for the conservation of natural resources that are of great benefit to the country. More importantly, this year’s youth camp is also focused on boosting awareness of intensive protection and conservation of the environment. The global warming issue facing everyone is caused by environmental degradation resulting from human actions. This has had a direct impact on all humans as seen in the increased frequency of natural disasters occurring in all regions of Thailand and around the world”, added Mr. Noppol.

The Southern Kla Yim youth camp is being held between 10-13 May 2012 at the Baan Klang Community Forest, Phang-nga. It is one of 2012 activities under the Love the Forest and Community program. The camp brought together 80 students aged 13-15 from schools in the south. The group will learn about community forests and natural forests.  The learning process involved many activities such as ‘you (natural resources) and I stay in the same home’ activity, ‘forest education’ activity, ‘mangrove forest planting’ activity, ‘learning global warming’ activity, ‘know about natural dangers’ activity and ‘energy saving’ activity.

As the best national community forest for 2011, winning the HRH Princess Sirindhorn’s Trophy, as part of the ‘Love the Forest and the Community’ program, the Baan Klang Community Forest in Phang-nga province is a mangrove forest that was rehabilitated from a vacant plot of land where a mining concession was previously executed, devastating the environment. The Baan Klang Community has made great efforts to revive and develop the coastal ecosystems since 1992. Using religious teachings and the community forest’s rules to oversee the self-reliant management and utilization of the community forest, the Baan Klang Community Forest is well managed in a sufficient and solid manner through the collaborative efforts of community, religious leaders, schools and local agencies. With such supportive factors, the Baan Klang Community Forest today is as fertile as it was in the past and serves as a natural aquatic nursery. The variety of mangrove plants is beneficial to all life in the community as they can be used as a source of foods and living.   

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