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Ratchaburi Holding launches the “Spirulina Algae for a Green World” Program, an innovation of algae planting by emitted CO2, and “Global Warming Reduction Learning Centre” to promote “save the earth” mindset among public

Ratchaburi/Bangkok – Ratchaburi Holding Electricity Generating PCL (RATCH) has launched the “Spirulina Algae for a Green World” program. It is an innovation of algae planting by using emitted carbon dioxide (CO2) released from power generation process. At the same time, the company has kicked off the “Global Warming Reduction Learning Centre” to promote about His Majesty’s ideas regarding global warming reduction approaches and environment conservation. Mr. Arak Chonlatanon, Energy Minister presided over the opening ceremony at the Ratchburi power plant, Ratchaburi province.

Mr. Noppol Milinthanggoon, Chief Executive Officer of Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding PCL, said that “as a leading power producer in Thailand, the company is committed to developing power generation to be more efficient, safe and environmentally friendly in  line with the company’s social and environment responsibility mission and policy. The company is committed to improving power generating processes and initiating innovations and new methods to solve the global warming problem. Therefore, the company has launched “Spirulina Algae for a Green World” program to celebrate the Auspicious Occasion of His Majesty the King’s 7th Cycle Birthday Anniversary, 5th December 2011. The project is one of the initiatives that has been activated in honor of HM the King under the “Together Do Good for Dad” program run by the Ministry of Energy in order to show loyalty to His Majesty the King and gratitude for His Majesty’s concern for Thailand’s environment and natural resources.

The Spirulina Algae for a Green World” program is committed to decrease carbon dioxide (CO2) emission from power generation by using emitted CO2 to cultivate Spirulina Algae. Academic experts from Kasetsart University, Chiang Mai University and Maejo University are the program advisors and they also research, study and evaluate the program. According to the experiment results, the one-rai plant will absorb 9.59 tonnes of CO2 a year. Spirulina Algae can absorb 9 times more CO2 than trees of the same area. Interestingly, our Spirulina product is safe for consumption i.e. animal food products and cosmetics,” said Mr. Noppol.

Moreover, the company launched the “Global Warming Reduction Learning Centre” at the Ratchaburi power plant, to be an education center on His Majesty’s ideas and approaches regarding global warming solving. The learning centre uses an interactive concept to support the process of easy learning and understanding for youth and the general public”. 

The “Global Warming Reduction Learning Centre” is divided into four zones as follows;

Zone A Alternative Energy Towards HM the King’s Intentions: an exhibition of HM the King’s ideas about environmental and alternative energy projects.

Zone B Library for the Community: the library allows youth and the public to enjoy studying from a wide range of books in a comfortable atmosphere. 

Zone C Spirulina for a Green World: an exhibition that presents the miracle of Spirulina and an innovation in Spirulina production, helping absorb CO2 and increasing pure air for a healthy environment.   

Zone D Learn & Play: games and activities that enable everyone to explore and learn about alternative energy with lots of fun.  

The “Spirulina Algae for a Green World” program and the “Global Warming Reduction Learning Centre” are among RATCH’s programs that have focused on addressing environmental problems and global warming using a natural approach.  The company is aware that the responsibility of the community and society is crucial. We believe that if everyone helps preserve and develop our environment, it will lead to global warming reduction, which in turn enhances our society and environment for the benefit of future generations,” concluded Mr.Noppol.

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