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RATCH encourages youth to conserve forest resources for fighting against global warming

Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Public Company Limited continues the Kla Yim Youth Camp, a part of “Love the forest and Community” program organized for nine consecutive years. Based on the “Climate Action” concept, this camp aims to encourage youth leaders to conserve natural resources and environment, enabling them to cope with climate change and its impacts. Participating youth was inspired by a popular teen idol with lifestyle reflecting environmental stewardship, and enjoyed many activities promoting environmental conservation, regarded as a way to fight against global warming over the long run

Mrs. Boontiva Dansamasatid, RATCH Executive Vice President, said disaster was typically caused by the global warming problem—a result of climate change that gradually affected life, asset and ecosystem overall. Realizing such problem, the company implemented two measures to alleviate the said impact, including effort to reduce carbon dioxide emission in operation process and effort to increase the carbon sequestration. For Carbon dioxide reduction, all RATCH power plants have devised measures to enhance production efficiency and minimize the use of fossil fuel in production, whereas we continued to increase carbon sinks by jointly supporting and promoting community forest conservation. The company also continues to promote forest stewardship among younger people.

“The Klayim Youth Camp has been jointly organized by RATCH and the Royal Forest Department for nine consecutive years. The company aims to encourage youth to further take care of natural resource and environment. Activities in the camp focus on sharing relevant knowledge and benefits of natural resources and environment conservation, with practical methods for all youth. Good understanding toward environment will help create the sense of ownership, thus simultaneously leading to local forest protection as well as lessening environmental degradation and climate change over the long run” Mrs. Boontiva added

Aside from the community forest contest and community forest leaders' network seminars under “Love the forest and Community” program, the Kla Yim Youth Camp was jointly hosted by RATCH and the Royal Forest Department since 2008. The 18th class of this youth camp held in Khon Khan was gathering 80 lower-secondary school students from north-eastern Thailand

This camp equipped youth with knowledge relating to current environmental problem and create the sense of natural resource and forest conservation as well as energy saving methods to mitigate the global warming problem. Participating youth had a chance to learn by practice via five stations: 1. Water of Life, 2. Green House Effect, 3. Global Warming, 4. Fire Fighters Team, and 5. Climate Change

Mrs. Boontiva concluded that “this camp focuses on inspiring youth to take care of environment. A teenager who has their environmental-care lifestyle is invited to share opinion and experience via the discussion on the topic of “New Generation focusing on Energy Efficiency” and “Youth and Forest Conservation.” We believe participating youth will use knowledge from the camp to conserve forest resources in sustainable and balanced way.”

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