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“Baan Pu Namron” community forest wins the National Community Forest Award 2016 The award is part of the “Love the Forest and Community 2016” program jointly organized by RFD and RATCH

Bangkok: The Royal Forest Department (RFD), in partnership with Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Public Company Limited (RATCH), announced that the “Baan Pu Namron” community forest in Suphanburi province won the National Community Forest Award and HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s Trophy under the “Love the Forest and Community 2016.” They are among 138 award-winning community forests that participated in the Ninth National Community Forest Contest. Privy Councilor Ampol Senanarong presided over the award-presentation ceremony.

Mr. Chonlatit Suratsawadee, Director General of the Royal Forest Department, said, “The Royal Forest Department (RFD) has focused on implementing a strategy to increase effective prevention and protection of forests in areas under the responsibility of the RFD. Consequently, we have long-term forest resource management and development plans with an emphasis on the formalization of private-sector engagement in developing a mutual forest management plan to benefit the country sustainably. In 2008, a partnership between the RFD and RATCH initiated the ‘Love the Forest and Community’ project with an aim to encourage and maintain community forest areas, bring balance to forest ecosystems, and provide successful pilot community forests as models of sustainable forest management.    At present, the RFD has registered 9,874 community forests, covering an area of 4,727,470 rai. This represents significant gains of 11 times from 2008 and 16% rise from 2015 on forest growth respectively.

Mr. Rum Herabat, RATCH CEO, said, “RATCH has set a clear approach for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and this will mitigate the effects of climate change while responding to the government’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals. One of the approaches that the company is undertaking is to promote forest carbon storage, as the company has supported the RFD’s community forest program as another effective tool to maintain national forest areas and promote sustainable living based on efficient community forest usage. The Love the Forest and Community project represents a joint effort between the company and RFD, with the objective to increase registration of national community forests and expand the community forest network nationwide, whichis an effective approach to maintain and protect Thailand’s forested areas.

“The National Community Forest Award Contest is an annual program that has succeeded in continuously boosting the number of participating community forests. In 2016, we have 1,338 participating communities. This project can increase public awareness of forest conservation and rehabilitation, encouraging  people to view the forest as a natural resource that can support their livelihoods and income, reduce their cost of living and enhance their quality of life, and provide a natural roof and fortress that wards off natural hazards for communities from generation to generation,” added Mr. Herabat.

The Community Forest Contest under the Love the Forest and Community 2016 project awarded 138 winning community forests this year.

The winner of the National Community Forest Award and HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s Trophy:

  • Baan Pu Namron Community Forest, Dan Chang sub-district, Dan Chang district, Suphanburi, received a 200,000-baht Community Forest Conservation Fund. Baan Pu Namron Community Forest reflects its achievement in implementing comprehensive forest management alongside community engagement of households, temples, schools, and local agencies. By relying on local beliefs, tradition, and culture as an effective strategy, the community created a strong network to raise awareness of the incomparable value of forests and took action to rehabilitate degraded forest areas from the granite miming concessions and deforestation due to charcoal production.
  • The forest’s conservationists have recovered degraded areas of land by planting trees ranging from banyan, coral tree, Schleichera oleosa, olive, Afzelia xylocarpa, Burmese Padauk, rosewood, Thyrsostachys Siamensis Gamble, and ground-covering plants such as wild yam, Kaempferia galanga Linn, fern,and crops and herbs to encourage bio-diversity in these areas. In addition, members  of the community helped to develop the community forest areas to become an eco-tourism destinationand natural-learning resource. Mr. Chum Nanta, who serves as the chairperson for the community forest committee, leads Baan Pu Namron Community Forest.

The three runners-up for the National Community Forest Award 2016 that received an honorary trophy and a 100,000-baht Community Forest Conservation Fund were:

  • Baan Pah Pang Luang Community Forest, Pah Pang sub-district, Mae Prik district, Lampang
  • Baan Bung Goom Community Forest, Na Hor sub-district, Dan Sai district, Loei
  • Baan Ang Nam Pood Community Forest, Bang Sawan sub-district, Phra Sang district, Suratthani

The winner of the special “Volunteer Women to Community Forest Development” award in 2016, in praise of women’s role in community forest protection, was the:

  • Baan Rongbon Community Forest, Muang Kam sub-district, Paan district, Chiang Rai, which received an honorary trophy and a 100,000-baht Community Forest Conservation Fund. Mrs. Pranee Ratchakom, who serves as the chairperson of the Baan Rong bon community forest committee, played an integral role in persuading villagers and local investors to realize the importance of forest and environmental conservation.The committee has achieved great success as a result, with villagers and investors helping to conserve the local forest for agricultural activities without the government’s financial support. In addition, villagers, in collaboration with the community forest network, can restore the capacity of degraded forests and improve soil fertility.

The three runners-up of the special “Volunteer Women to Community Forest Development” award that received anhonorary trophy and a 25,000-baht Community Forest Conservation Fund were:

  • Tambon Toom Community Forest, Pak Thongchai district, Nakhon Ratchasima
  • Baan Khao Hin Tang Community Forest, Nongree district, Chonburi
  • Baan Tontan Community Forest, Jorboa sub-district, Yee-ngor district, Narathiwat
Each of the 65 Provincial Model Community Forest Award 2016 winners received an honorary plaque and a 25,000-baht Community Forest Conservation Fund. Meanwhile, each of the 65 consolation prizes included an honorary plaque and a 10,000-baht Community Forest Conservation Fund. Back to all news