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RATCH Group received an honorary plaque on “National Community Forest Day” under a collaboration of the “Love the Forest and Community” project over a decade

RATCH Group Public Company Limited received a plaque of honor from private sector partners who supported the development of community forests from Dr. Yuthaphon Angkinan, the advisor to the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment on occasion of the National Community Forest Day 2022, on May 24, 2022.

The “Love the Forest and Community” project was initiated by RATCH Group Public Company Limited, working in cooperation with the Royal Forest Department since 2008 up to date. This project focuses on driving community participation in safeguarding, rehabilitating, and protecting the sustainably forests via “Community Forests” with the aim of creating a “sustainable forest and beneficial community”. Since 2008 to 2021, the Company has supported community forests through the national contest for the best-practice community forest. There are 1,395 community forests, including 1.28 million rais of award-winning community forests, representing the CO2 capture of approximately 8 million tons CO2 per year (an average of 6.3 tons per rai). In addition, the Company has supported and promoted the potential advancement of community forests across the country through various strengthening activities.

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