Message from Chairman and CEO

Amid rapid and abrupt changes in technology, climate change impacts, complex social and human rights issues as well as increasing competition, RATCH considers risk management an essential tool in sailing us through challenges and leading us to opportunities, continuous growth and target achievements. In 2020, RATCH reviewed risk management approaches and analysis tools and improved the process in response to today’s challenges, and likely emerging risks. The purpose is to foresee a holistice picture of risks in economic, environmental and social dimensions as well as human rights-related risks in the project, organizational, national and international levels. That will assist the formulation of comprehensive enterprise risk management strategies and hence ensure more effectiveness in the strategic decision-making process. The review and improvement is scheduled for completion in 2021.

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Sustainability Report 2020

Recognition & Awards

The Best Innovative Company Award at SET Awards 2020

Thailand Sustainability Investment : THSI 2020

Deal of the Year Award from Best Bond Awards 2020


Values demonstrate the shared aspiration that executives and employees must engage in our business operation.

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