The Company maps out a long-term 5-pronged strategy to achieve the goal. The strategy is integrated with the 6-pronged sustainability strategy specified in the corporate sustainable development policy, to guide the Company in growing economic value and benefiting society and the environment. Such approach will benefit not only the Company but also stakeholders whose business efforts have contributed sustainable growth to the Company.

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The Company has put greater emphasis on risk management aside from establishing the effective and efficient internal control system. These management mechanisms are adopted to turn uncertainties into opportunities, which will create positive impacts and control risks that may adversely affect the organization’s goals in the conviction that best management and governance practice is a key in promoting the success of sustainable business and maintaining leadership.

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Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct was written conforming with the Company’s new vision that extends the scope of business from electricity generation to infrastructure. The Code of Conduct is upheld as the Company’s operational guidelines, covering significant principles that concern stakeholders throughout the value chain and the organization’s sustainability.

Practices against Fraud and Corruption

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The Complaint Management Process

Human Rights

RATCH upholds and practices human rights principles, by avoiding infringement on stakeholders’ basic rights and containing operational impacts on stakeholders. RATCH includes the principles in the Code of Conduct and human rights guidelines. Details are as follows: