RATCH strives “to become a leading value-oriented energy and infrastructure company in Asia-Pacific”, moving towards a solid and sustainable path. The vision is aimed at influencing growth of the value chain and relevant stakeholders, which will help push overall economic growth and quality of life. This goal shapes the Company’s sustainable policy in the following contexts:

To cope with the challenges and rapidly changing in business environments, the Company has put greater emphasis on risk management aside from internal control. These management mechanisms are adopted to turn uncertainties into opportunities, which will create positive impacts and control risks that may adversely affect the organization’s goals.

The Company adheres to moral, ethical and corporate governance values in shaping corporate management, in line with the guidelines by The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Directors, executives and employees must understand and strictly follow the principles and rules specified in the Company’s Code of Conduct, regulations, announcements and orders, taking into consideration possible economic, social and environmental impacts as well as the maximum benefits of stakeholders.

Regarding corporate governance, the Board of Directors is the organization’s leader and shareholders’ representative while the sub-committees are tasked to formulate and supervise the Company’s essential missions which are:

  • Internal audit that promotes efficiency and effectiveness of the internal control system
  • Risk management in corporate and project levels to prevent impacts that may affect the organization’s growth and sustainability
  • Human resources and remuneration management that aims to enhance personnel’s capability and ability, so as to maintain the organization’s strength and ability to withstand any situations
  • Investment screening with emphasis on investment values and the shared values in environmental and social aspects
  • Corporate governance and social responsibility assuring the integrity, transparency and accountability of the organizational foundation and culture as well as promoting the operations that balance economic, social and environmental benefits.

The Chief Executive Officer is the Management’s leader, tasked to materialize the Board of Directors and sub-committee’s goals, policies and strategies. The tasks are delegated to the chiefs and executive vice presidents of each function for achieving operational goal.

Code of Conduct in business operation

RATCH aligns the Code of Conduct with the Company’s vision, mission, goals and values as well as business context. The Code of Conduct serves as the Company’s operating framework in dealing with relevant stakeholders and eventually materializing the vision “to become a leading value-oriented energy and infrastructure company in Asia Pacific.”