The Company assures employees of equitable and fair treatment. Employees are also encouraged to uphold the Company’s norms, values, regulations, as well as legal and regulatory requirements, to unite their forces in leading the organization towards its vision “to become the leading value-oriented energy and infrastructure company in Asia Pacific.

The Company’s human resources development were aimed at promoting sustainable labor development and elevating quality of working life as work-life balance will bring happiness and motivate employees to drive the organization towards the ultimate goals.

The Company’s preventive measures are highlighted to achieve the ultimate goal - “zero accident”: all operators completed their tasks without accident or damage to their life, property and family as well as the organization.

Supervision of safety, occupational health and work environment management

The safety, occupational health and work environment management is under the supervision of the Company’s or power plants’ Safety, Occupational Health and Work Environment Committee, chaired by Chief Executive Officer or the top executive of respective premises. The committee ensures efficient and effective implementation; as well as shorter, faster and more concise work procedure.

The Company executes the following 4 steps which are the key to the “zero accident” goal:

RATCH is committed to satisfy customers’ expectations. As the primary product is electricity sold under Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), the Company holds it necessary to produce and deliver the product at the volume and quality specified in the contracts. RATCH’s power plants, also, ensure environmental-friendly production process to cause zero impact on community and society and maintain customer confidentiality.

Net electricity volume sold in 2019

Electricity distribution Structure in Thailand

Electricity Distribution to customers in Australia

As at 31 December 2019

The Company’s principles and operational framework are included in the Code of Conduct and the policy relating to society and the environment. The framework governs the Company’s projects and activities to address the doubts and needs of communities, so as to create economic, social and environmental benefits for communities and society at large.

The Company has taken actions in response to needs and expectations of communities near power plants and other stakeholders under projects and activities execution in 3 areas;

RATCH has continuously implemented activities to support communities and society, involving environmental conservation such as “Love the Forest, Love the Community Project” and “Community Energy Project” and quality of life improvement such as “@CareLine Project” and “Happy Elderly: Healthy Thailand Project”.

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